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Yodacart Joins Hand With Techtonik To Enable Three Level Post Purchase Customer Support

MUMBAI, APRIL 19, 2022: Yodacart, India’s first ever appliance & consumer electronics focused e-commerce startup, have partnered with Techtonik, a smart conversational AI platform, to bring the world-class post purchase consumer experience.

Yodacart is making buying appliances the smoothest with its high-tech integration and now they are investing in enabling the best possible customer support using conversational AI, Video appointment and In-warranty maintenance support.

Yodacart uses an AI-based recommendation engine to enable smooth product discovery by understanding their needs, usage habits, previous buying, geo-analytics, etc. Integrated 3D models and AR views allow customers to interact with the products better. With its hyper-local model, Yodacart provides delivery within 24 hours.

To make it possible, Techtonik is helping them leveraging its years of experience in tech-enabled customer support with other integration. Techtonik is a Smart Conversational AI platform that drives customer experiences by talking to the customers based on their needs, tasks, context, present, and past behavior across channels to create remarkable outcomes like improved user engagement and booking experience.

Vikas Sharma, Co-Founder & CEO of Yodacart, says “Appliances is way more than just a machine. It makes a house a true home. We want to make the relation with appliances for our customers memorable and long-lasting. Our customers shouldn’t be spending even a minute worrying about it.”

Prashanth Sai, Co-Founder & CEO of Techtonik, says “We identified huge gap while availing the right support needed to deal with appliances. We are working to touch each and every aspects to make it enjoyable.”

About Yodacart

Yodacart was founded by an XLRI team who has combined experience of 20 years in retail, logistics, consulting & technology as ADOFIX in 2019. It is an ecommerce platform for buying appliances and consumer electronics. It allows users to identify the right appliances based on their needs using artificial intelligence. To enable store-like experience, Yodacart has integrated 3D models and Augmented Reality to improve the product browsing experience. Yodacart fulfills each orders within 24 hours backed by its hyperlocal model. To offer the best customer support, it has designed 3-level support system where customers can interact with conversational AI, then can book video support appointment and finally support from the authorized centers.

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