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Interview tips to follow during the interview· Arrange your interview dress the night before· Bring your resume copies, a pen and a notebook.
Need and importance of Career Guidance.

Audio Event Ep. 14 | Expert Talk with Prashant Singh on How to conduct effective meetings at work

Conducting effective meetings is essential for ensuring productivity, collaboration, and alignment within a team or organization. Here are some key steps to conduct effective meetings at work: 01. Set Clear Objectives 02. Create an Agenda 03. Invite Relevant Participants 04. Choose the…Read More »

How to crack any interview successfully? Some of the best interview tips to help you prepare and perform well.

What is your suggestion for best interview? How to crack any interview successfully? What is interview anxiety? Interview anxiety is the feeling of nervousness, fear, or stress that people experience before, during, or after a job interview. How does reflecting on past experiences…Read More »

Expert Talk with Shreya Mehta on Career Ready: Mastering the Art of Interview Preparation

Audio Event #13 | Expert Talk with Shreya Mehta on Career Ready: Mastering the Art of Interview Preparation. Date & Time: 2nd February, 24 at 8 pm Speaker: Shreya Mehta Joining Link: In this exclusive talk, Shreya will share invaluable tips…Read More »

Join Our Growth Revelation: Expert Talk Episode 96 – Uncover the Truth About Growth

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Cracking the Code: A Case Study of a Successful Interview

Job interviews are often nerve-wracking experiences that can make or break one’s career aspirations. Amidst the competitive landscape, there are remarkable stories of individuals who not only aced their interviews but also secured their dream positions. Join us as we dissect the…Read More »

Do’s & Don’ts of Serving Notice Period

Do’s: Provide ample notice to your employer as per the terms of your employment contract. Be professional and respectful in all communications with your employer and coworkers during this period. Fulfill all job responsibilities and commitments until your last day of work.…Read More »

6 secret ways employers test you during job interviews and how to sit during an interview?

Candidates who knows how to sit during an interview longer assesses how well they handle uncomfortable situations, but nervous interviewee..

10 Accounting Manager Interview Questions You’ll Get in Your Next Interview and How to Answer Them?

Questions you will get in accounting manager interview questions?.. Accountants must demonstrate communication, client engagement, data …….


It’s no surprise that recruiters are turning to social media to scope out potential employees. Therefore, it’s essential that candidates understand what recruiters are looking for online. These elements of your profiles are making a big impression on recruiters — for good…Read More »


LinkedIn published an infographic outlining a study they conducted on 4,000 job seekers who were able to land a job within three months of applying by doing a few simple things on the social network. We’re here to walk you through some…Read More »


Need to pro your next meeting and land that open employment you’ve been looking for? Here are 20 hints to enable you to get ready. 1. Research the business and Industry. A questioner may ask how you see his organization’s situation in…Read More »

9 expert-backed ways to use LinkedIn to find a job and LinkedIn Job Alerts

Ellson said LinkedIn has recently expanded its feature LinkedIn Job Alerts to help candidates targeting specific companies..

22 Phone Interview Tips to Help You Nail the Call (and Move to the Next Round)

There’s truly nothing more rewarding than getting a response from an application you sent in to your dream job asking you to hop on the phone for an interview. Not only did all your hard work—editing your resume, writing a cover letter,…Read More »

20 things to never do in an interview.

No matter how impressive a cover letter or CV you carry to an interview, there could be certain last minute changes (decisions) that could change the game for you. The job could be yours, given the precautions you undertake while talking out…Read More »

4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Starting a New Job.

This is prime time for college graduates and families of all types to relocate, often seeking or beginning new jobs in different locations. Whether you are entering the workforce for the first time or beginning a new mid-career job, this can be…Read More »