By | February 1, 2023

Do’s & Don’ts of Serving Notice Period


  1. Provide ample notice to your employer as per the terms of your employment contract.
  2. Be professional and respectful in all communications with your employer and coworkers during this period.
  3. Fulfill all job responsibilities and commitments until your last day of work.
  4. Offer to help with the transition process for your replacement.
  5. Ask for a reference or letter of recommendation from your employer.


  1. Don’t engage in any negative behavior or actions that could damage your reputation or relationships.
  2. Don’t take advantage of the notice period by slacking off or neglecting your work.
  3. Don’t use company resources or time for personal gain.
  4. Don’t disclose confidential or sensitive information.
  5. Don’t badmouth the company or coworkers after you leave.

Here are some best practices for serving a notice period:

  1. Provide Written Notice: Provide written notice to your employer as per the terms of your employment contract. This shows professionalism and helps avoid misunderstandings.
  2. Give Adequate Notice: Give as much notice as possible, especially if you are in a senior or crucial role, to allow your employer adequate time to plan for your departure and make arrangements for your replacement.
  3. Be Open and Honest: Explain the reasons for your departure in a professional and respectful manner to your employer and team.
  4. Fulfill Responsibilities: Continue to perform your job duties to the best of your ability and fulfill all responsibilities until your last day of work.
  5. Offer to Help with the Transition: Offer to assist with the transition process and provide support to your replacement, where possible.
  6. Plan for the Future: Start planning for your future, including looking for a new job, updating your resume, and networking with potential employers.
  7. Maintain Professional Relationships: Keep in mind that the professional relationships you have built during your time at the company can be valuable in the future, so strive to maintain them in a positive manner.
  8. Seek Feedback: Consider asking for feedback from your employer or team members to help improve your future job search and career.

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