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What made you happiest in life?

In a telephone interview, the radio announcer asked his guest, a millionaire, “What made you happiest in life?” The millionaire said: I have gone through four stages of happiness in life and finally I understood the meaning of true happiness. The first…Read More »

What Connects Vivekananda and Jamsetji Tata? A Sea Voyage That Changed India!

Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata was once, travelling to Germany.   As he stood there, at the door of his First Class Cabin in the Steam-liner, he noticed a lot of activity on the lower decks of the Ship.   On enquiring, he learnt…Read More »

Top 7 HR Trends to Watch in 2023

What’s a good way to start the year? To reflect on the past and to think about what the future holds for us. The Great Resignation has impacted almost every industry in 2022. Today, many HR leaders are facing an inflection point…Read More »

Should Your Resume Be in Past or Present Tense? Here’s How to Decide

Grammar and consistency are key when it comes to your resume. Uniform and error-free writing not only makes your resume easier for a recruiter or hiring manager to understand, but it also shows that you are conscientious, pay attention to detail, and care…Read More »

Congratulations Netal Parmar for being with POST A RESUME for 7 successful years… Way to go and wishing you all the best for the coming years.

Congratulations Netal Parmar for being with POST A RESUME for 7 successful years… Way to go and wishing you all the best for the coming years. . #postAresume #success #reward #HRconsultnacy #PlacementAgency #anniversary #HR #recruiter Read More Update… Top 7 HR Trends to Watch in 2023 Should Your…Read More »

So what are you waiting for? Get your resume professionally designed by us.

Resume Making Services Give Storng Start to your Career Get our expert to write your resume Key Highlights: Portray clear career goals Highlight your key achievements and industry exposure Attractive and reader-friendly resume format One-time telephonic discussion Multiple interactions over email to…Read More »

Expert Talk Live with Devesh Rastogi on Career Opportunities for Food Professionals

Expert Talk Series Live Session on this Friday, 1st July, 2022 at 5 PM IST. This week our guest is Devesh Rastogi. He will speak on “Career Opportunities for Food Professionals”. We will also attend a live Q&A. You can also submit…Read More »


1. PFIZER METHOD: Hire a lion, give him full rest, pay him more than his expectations, never ask for anything in the first two months. After two months tell him that you have to achieve your yearly target in 9 months. Lion…Read More »

Future of Recruitment industry in 2022-23

The recruitment industry is not a small industry to talk about. It is a huge industry where people who need people to work for them recruit others and people who need work to do or need employment, apply for the recruitment to…Read More »

Yodacart Joins Hand With Techtonik To Enable Three Level Post Purchase Customer Support

MUMBAI, APRIL 19, 2022: Yodacart, India’s first ever appliance & consumer electronics focused e-commerce startup, have partnered with Techtonik, a smart conversational AI platform, to bring the world-class post purchase consumer experience. Yodacart is making buying appliances the smoothest with its high-tech…Read More »

Sridhar Vembu’s vision from the village – Success Story of Zoho

25 years of Zoho: from Adventnet to a self-funded unicorn India needs to look at the rural economy as a source of production and wealth creation rather than just a source of demand to become a $5 trillion economy, according to Zoho’s…Read More »

Expert Talk Live with Ajit Vadher on Future Of India – Rural or Urban?

Expert Talk Series Live Session on this Friday, 25th March, 2022 at 5 PM. This week our guest is Ajit Vadher having experience of more than 20 years in Social Sector. He will speak on “Future Of India – Rural or Urban?”.…Read More »

Expert Talk Live with Amal Das on Career Guidance for Mid level Professionals

We are Live Now. Expert Talk Session with Amal Das having on “Career Guidance for Mid level Professionals”. We will also attend a live Q&A. Do join us for Live session now – https://buff.ly/3wiODtR  Expert Talk Series Live Session on this Friday,…Read More »

Tips for using LinkedIn for your job search.

Why should you use LinkedIn for your job search? It’s no secret that LinkedIn is the top professional social networking site with 133 million users in the U.S. alone and reaching 200 countries and territories around the world. As per Survey, 87…Read More »

Google staff can use Work Location Tool to calculate pay for remote work

Google has launched a platform that will allow its employees to calculate how much their pay or earnings will be if they decide to work remotely and relocate to a less expensive or more costly location to do so. The tool, called…Read More »