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Are you using LinkedIn to its fullest to get a job?

By | 13th January, 2020

I turned on the TV recently and saw a “CBS This Morning” interview with Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn. Needless to say, it inspired me to sit down and write. After all, I was receiving information on how to boost your LinkedIn profile during a job search straight from the CEO’s mouth, so I

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Ten Ways To Use LinkedIn In Your Job Search

By | 12th January, 2020

LinkedIn is an insanely useful tool for every working person, not to mention every job-seeker and student. The only unfortunate thing about LinkedIn as a job search tool is that most of what’s powerful about LinkedIn as a job-search tool is not obvious to the casual LinkedIn user.
If the only thing you’re doing

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9 expert-backed ways to use LinkedIn to find a job

By | 11th January, 2020

If you’re looking for a new job, LinkedIn is a good place to start your search.
At least 500 million people use the network, and there are more than 10 million active job listings, Fortune magazine reported in 2017.
Business Insider reached out to career experts at LinkedIn and independent LinkedIn specialists

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Top Ten Reasons it´s Great to Be in HR:

By | 26th September, 2019

Today is your day! Pat yourself on the back and appreciate the hard work, staff negotiating, corporate liaison and legislation interpreting you do all year.
Our site, www.hr.com, the largest web destination in North America for HR experts, advice, resources, products and services, would like to honor those who hire, train and pay you.

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22 Phone Interview Tips to Help You Nail the Call (and Move to the Next Round)

By | 4th April, 2019

There’s truly nothing more rewarding than getting a response from an application you sent in to your dream job asking you to hop on the phone for an interview. Not only did all your hard work—editing your resume, writing a cover letter, putting together writing samples, and filling out endless forms—pay off, but you’re

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PR Visa Opportunity in Chille

By | 17th June, 2017

Contact us if you are looking for opportunity to get settle in American continent without IELTS, TOEFL or Medical test. We have some excellent offer for you for Chile wherein you will get PR without IELTS, TOFEL or Medical just in 45 days. Once you have PR of these country you can get visa

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You will be surprised by the benefits of Clapping hands

By | 18th April, 2017

Clap your hands! Clap your hands! It’s a very common poem used among pre-school kids. Do you know, that clapping hands can be a boon for your health. Many of you might be thinking it a joke, but it actually happens. Today we will be telling you the benefits of clapping hands.
The benefits

Help us to Help you!!! (LinkedIn Shout Out)

By | 3rd January, 2020

If you are looking for a job change, then we can surely help you through our linkedin profile reach. Here are some basic points to take into consideration for helping you:
– We help jobless people first.
– People who are finding a better opportunity, looking for a job change will given 2nd priority.

Job Updates > Hiring Now > Grab if you CAN!!!

By | 24th December, 2019

Ref Code: 16328
Visa Consultant for Travel Company in Ahmedabad Location
Experience: Min 2 to 5 Years (Any Graduate)
Preferred: Female / Male
Call: 9714274730
Email:- tanuja@postaresume.co.in
Ref Code: 16075
Accountant (Female) in Ahmedabad Location
Experience: Min 0 to 2 Years
Preferred: Female
Call: 9714274730
Email:- tanuja@postaresume.co.in

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Job Updates on 28-11-2019

By | 28th November, 2019

Ref Code: 15834
Hiring Pricing Analyst for leading 3PL logistics company in Mumbai Location
Experience: Min 0 to 4 Years
Preferred: Male/Female
Call: 9714274730
Email:- tanuja@postaresume.co.in
Ref Code: 15831
Hiring Sales Executive for leading 3PL logistics company in Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai Location
Experience: Min 0 to 4 Years
Preferred: Male
Call: 9714274730

Hiring Product Coordinator at Ahmedabad for Chemical Industry

By | 23rd November, 2019

Ref Code: 15705
Product Coordinator (Industrial Chemicals) for chemical company at Ahmedabad
Experience: Min 5 to 7 Years
Preferred: Industrial Chemicals / Allied product line
Call: 7043214151
Email:- netal@postaresume.co.in
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Job Updates on 11-11-2019

By | 11th November, 2019

Ref Code: 15380
Hiring Account Manager for a leading Auto-Ancillary Industry in Ahmedabad Location
Experience: Min 5 to 7 Years (Team Handling & Gst exp is must)
Preferred: Male
Call: 9714274730
Email:- tanuja@postaresume.co.in
Ref Code: 15381
Hiring Accountant – inter CA for leading a Management Consultancy in Ahmedabad Location
Experience: Min 2 to 3