🎙️ Dive into the Future of Tech Jobs with Deepak Chawla!

Hello Everyone! 👋 I’m thrilled to invite you to a fascinating live audio session that promises to reshape your perspective on tech jobs in 2023. 📅 Date: Saturday, 30th September 2023 ⏰ Time: 7.00 pm IST Click to attend: https://www.linkedin.com/events/7112427620465618944/ 🌟 Meet…Read More »

Engineer’s Day: Igniting Minds, Transforming Tomorrow!

🛠️✨ Calling all tech enthusiasts! It’s time to celebrate brilliance and innovation! 🎉 🔥 Engineer’s Day: Igniting Minds, Transforming Tomorrow! 🔥 Engineer’s Day, celebrated on September 15th, is a day to honor the incredible minds behind the world’s technological marvels. 🌍💡 Engineers…Read More »

Let’s celebrate Hindi Diwas with pride and spread the love for our language far and wide.

🎉🇮🇳 भाषा की सुंदरता का जश्न मनाएं! 📚✨ क्या आप जानते हैं कि 14 सितंबर को हिंदी दिवस के रूप में मनाया जाता है, जब हमारी खूबसूरत भाषा, हिंदी, को भारत की आधिकारिक भाषा के रूप में अपनाया गया था? 🗓️ आइए,…Read More »