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Background and reference checks have become the golden rule of hiring in large companies due to instances of fraud or inflated cvs, but come with heavy costs. ET shares how one can save through informal background checks.
Scan social networks
Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Orkut can be a happy hunting ground to find out about a candidate’s details. “Facebook and LinkedIn are two forums which give real feedback about a candidate, since the references they give will always hold them in good stead,” says HR firm Aspire Human Capital CEO Amit Bhatia.
Use your connections
Try and leverage your own business network and contacts to find out more about a candidate. “The network will always give rational feedback on a candidate. One can also tap business contacts in the same company where the prospective candidate is currently employed to get as much details,” says Ma Foi Randstad MD & CEO E Balaji.
Just run a search
Sometimes, an internet search about a candidate can throw up information that can help you form an opinion about a candidate. This is more so for middle and senior managers.
Check with affiliates
These days, several professionals are affiliated with professional organisations. “A call, email or visit to such affiliate organisations will provide details and help to verify qualifications and work experience,” says Reshmi Ghosh, an HR consultant.
Devote time
HR experts suggest spending as much time on undertaking a background check as on interviewing a candidate. Balaji suggests that for senior management hiring, it is always better to undertake a thorough check through a professional agency. “Otherwise, the risks are greater,” he says.
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