By | February 19, 2021

Keep it simple: discover the benefits of one touch people technology.

We wouldn’t put up with clunky technology when using our smartphones to order food or email colleagues, so why should we stand for it when it comes to our workforce experience?
User experience has to be front of mind when designing workplace technology. If expectations aren’t met, employee uptake will likely be low. That’s why, at UKG, we’ve made sure to create a single solution for time-keeping, scheduling, talent, HR, payroll and more – all of which can be accessed with the click of a button!

“At work, user-friendly technology isn’t just nice to have. It’s essential for operational efficiency and retaining top talent. Modern tech helps foster quicker, wider adoption from your employees and helps prevent your digital transformation from stalling,” says Charlie DeWitt, UKG managing director, ANZSEA.

It’s not always employee technological aptitude that holds organisations back from a successful digital transformation. Often the case is outdated, hard-to-use technology platforms that create administrative, manual roadblocks for employees, instead of making their day-to-day easier.

In our quick guide to people-focused HCM, you will learn more about:

  • The consequences of not meeting employees’ expectations around technology.
  • The ‘DNA case’ for single-touch HCM technology – including information you’ll need to get executive and employee buy-in.
  • Tips for choosing the right solution to suit your workforce’s needs.
  • The four pillars of a successful implementation.
  • Helpful case studies to demonstrate the impacts of intuitive HCM, and how these businesses got their stakeholders on board.
  • A helpful people experience technology checklist to assess if your HCM platform is ticking all the right boxes.

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