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πŸš€ Tech Job Trends in 2023! Don’t Miss This Expert Talk – Episode 93 🌟

πŸš€ Unlocking Tech Job Trends in 2023! Join Expert Talk – Episode 93 🌟 Hello, fantastic network! πŸ“’ I’m excited to extend a personal invitation to our upcoming live event that could be a pivotal moment in your tech career journey. Join…Read More »

Google staff can use Work Location Tool to calculate pay for remote work

Google has launched a platform that will allow its employees to calculate how much their pay or earnings will be if they decide to work remotely and relocate to a less expensive or more costly location to do so. The tool, called…Read More »

Jobs To Rise As Indian Inc Plans To Boost Hiring Activity Soon. But There Is A Catch

Hiring activity in India is likely to increase soon as demand rises in the wake of higher economic activity in the country. Hiring sentiments among top firms have also been boosted as India prepares to begin itsΒ first phase of mass vaccination against…Read More »