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6 ways tech is turning talent acquisition smart

Among the many new virtual realities forced on organisations this year, one of the most significant has been the shift in the recruitment process. COVID-19 may have disrupted business operations, but HR leaders are secretly breathing a sigh of relief. This year,…Read More »

Unexpected perks of work blending into life

‘As long as the work is delivered, you can do whatever you want’. This is the new mantra driving many team leads, and a certain indicator of work-life integration. HR professionals throw light on the shift from wary team leads to trusting…Read More »

Why social capital is important for e-joinees

An organisation is like a tribe. Every member has his/her own role to play, and together, they all contribute to the wellbeing of one another. If forced to stay indoors, the tribe may find it harder to communicate and avenues for discussion…Read More »