By | March 30, 2017

Upon reading the title of this article, you might think something like this: Why bother using recruitment agencies when you can do it all by yourself? Why bother wasting your budget when you can post jobs online and attracts the best talents using social media channels? Well, this piece will bring you different insights on the matter.
Finding the right talent for the right job has always been the most critical yet the most difficult task for business leaders. Recruitment often comes across as a stressful process consuming hiring managers’ time and energy. Technology advances has made talent acquisition easier – all you need to do is create an effective job ad and post the requirement online. Your vacancy will be immediately uploaded on the job boards to reach wider audience, all in a matter of seconds and few clicks away.
While posting job ads on the internet could open up new avenues to attract passive talent pool, here are some of the drawbacks of solely relying on online hiring as a medium to draw potential talents and in the process doing away with recruitment agencies to save on costs.
When you post job requirements online, hundreds of resumes will fill your inbox. And you will have to get through the day screening through piles of resumes with many being irrelevant for the job role. Sometimes, the best talents are so busy with their work lives and contented with their current job, that they are not actively looking for a change.
If you do face such situations as a hiring manager, then online hiring can prove to be a waste of time, unproductive approach to talent hunt, eventually costing your business a fortune. If you want to ace up your recruitment strategy, then hiring specialised services from a recruitment agency could be a great alternative to online hiring in itself.
Here are clear reasons on why you still need services of a recruitment agency in the age of online hiring:
1. Possess market knowledge
A good recruitment agency possesses extensive knowledge of the current talent demand, skills shortage and the overall job market. Being a specialist in the hiring field, they are able to provide better insights about your hiring needs.
Before sending across candidate list to companies, the recruitment will work for you to conduct thorough research about the candidate’s profile, salary expectations, market demand, skillsets, and existing talent trends. Additionally, they also understand how to endorse your brand and present your business in a great light, to make it more appealing to quality individuals.
2. Speed up the recruitment process
Say goodbye to hours of sifting through piles of resumes. With help from recruitment agencies, you can now focus on interviewing shortlisted candidates that meet your business requirements and job role expectations. Recruiters will further advocate your company and bring you the best talents.
3. Reach out to extended talent pools
Your ideal employees might belong to majority of passive candidates. Recruitment agencies will help you reach out to this hard-to-find talent potentials. Recruiters have copious networks and links that will help connecting you with extended talent pools.
4. Fewer candidates, more qualifications
Recruitment agencies know what you really want is future employees, not just applicants who randomly send out their CVs. Hence, they will help you fetch fewer quality individuals with more qualifications and experience to meet your business expectations. With help from recruitment agencies, candidatures are filtered and only potential talents will be selected finally for interview rounds.
More than anything else, many companies find it a real struggle to find time to conduct proper recruitment process. Rather than investing time and efforts to interview a large talent pool, you can hire services of established recruitment agency to do the job for you. This will help free time to focus on other productive functions of business.