By | October 12, 2020

Salesforce will add over five lakh direct jobs in India in the times to come. While the California-based IT company will create about 13 lakh indirect jobs, it will take on 5,48,000 people directly soon.
With an aim to decrease the digital divide, the Company aims to fulfil its commitment of training about 250,000 students.
The Company realises the high potential that India has, and believes that India will lead, globally, in terms of artificial intelligence in the near future.
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Given the fact that the country has more than 60 crore connected to the Internet, the country is capable of having a US$6 trillion consumer spend in a period of five to six years. Apparently, a new person connects to the Internet every three seconds in the country. Therefore, it will not be long before it has more than a billion unique Internet users.
Another point that works in India’s favour is that 80 per cent of its population is below the age of 44, which will make it the most advanced connected society in the world.
Salesforce, manufacturer of software for managing customer relationships, developed the suite in early 2020, to help organisations reopen their workplaces for the employees to safely return to them. The software helps in contact tracing, keeping track of employees’ shifts, dealing with emergencies in case of an outbreak and so on.