By | July 17, 2020

Coronavirus is still spreading in multiple countries and the number of cases is increasing steadily. With this, most of the countries are resorting to lockdown measures and putting people in quarantine. Owing to this situation, stock prices are decreasing and the economy is seeing the worst impact of this deadly virus.
What can businesses do? Especially small organizations! Can they survive this pandemic? Is it possible to conduct business while most of the employees are at home?
It sure is.
Let’s see how businesses can handle their working during coronavirus outbreak. Below we have briefly explained some tips which are absolutely necessary for the effective execution of business.

It’s Not Too Late to Plan

It is never too late to plan. You may have seen the worst days in the past month but you can change the situation. You can start preparing now.
Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Re-evaluate your emergency preparedness.
  • Re-vamp your work from home policies.
  • Ensure that your team is looking after the requirements of the existing clients.
  • Ensure that your HR team has the power to take immediate decisions to improve workflows.
  • Your employees should have an emergency contact person in case of issues.

Now, let’s see how you can handle your business during the coronavirus outbreak. Dive in and understand the given factors and tips.
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1.   Communicate

Communicate with your employees.

  • You need to keep your employees updated on pandemic situations. So, when the HR team finds anything which is worth reading, share.
  • You also need to help the employees communicate within the team. Every person should be kept in the loop to ensure that they are updated.

Although the first one is quite simple and easy for the HR team, the second one is an issue. There are multiple loopholes and bottlenecks and the HR team needs to surpass them all. See the steps below to achieve it:

  • Get a subscription of a tool which can help in communication such as Hangouts, Slack, etc. Every member of the office should be connected via a single medium.
  • Then, arrange a tool for video conferring so that teams can connect in real-time with clients as well as other team members.
  • After this, inform every employee of the channels which will be used for communication.
  • Inform the managers and ask them to handle the functioning of their team separately and also coordinate with other managers for the same.
  • Lastly, decide a time during which employees should be available for work.

2.   Invest

Every small, medium, and big organization should prepare for work from home tech. This is necessary even for the future.
Hence, to achieve this, HR managers can search for tools which can fulfil the requirements of the team as well as fit their budget. Due to the rise in startups, cost-effective tools for management have also increased. The HR team needs to spend some time in finding these tools.
For example, Google Docs (Free), Microsoft Office, etc.
All these tools can aid the working and help employees to work from their home without any issues.
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3.   Collaborate

Communication will take you halfway to collaboration and keeping managers and employees in the loop will complete the other half.
The HR team needs to specifically involve the managers in functioning and various decision-making.
Firstly, they know their team so they know what measures can help with work from home. Secondly, managers will communicate these measures and help in implementation the most.
This is because it may be practically impossible for the HR team to handle every employee of the organization themselves. They will require help which will, of course, come from managers. Hence, every manager should be involved.


Handling business during coronavirus outbreak is not going to be easy. What will help is early response mechanism and proper emergency preparedness. Using the above methods, the HR team can prepare every employee to work from home, so that they can continue to offer value to the organization.
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