By | July 13, 2020

We know all of the standards for real-world job interviewing, including dressing appropriately, shaking hands, eye contact, and other techniques. But how should someone prepare for this situation in the online environment? Below are some crucial aspects to focus on before you join that online job interview or apply for that job online.

Plan ahead

Like any job interview, it is essential to think ahead when planning what you will say. While there’s no way to know exactly what the interviewer will ask you, it’s a good idea to get to know the priorities of the company and brainstorm questions that you might be asked. Make some notes on what your responses should be and how you can put your best foot forward.

Learn the remote meeting platform of choice for the interviewer

If you are given the choice to do the interview on either Skype or Zoom, for example, choose the one you are the most comfortable with. Most positions require a good sense of tech-savvy these days. You need to appear confident to handle the equipment and technology. So do a practice session or ‘mock interview’ with a friend if you can, before the actual event.
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Eliminate distractions

Be careful to keep your work area free of distractions the day of your scheduled interview. This includes both in your background that the camera picks up if you are doing a video interview.
There’s nothing worse than barking dogs, intrusive roommates, or crying babies when you are trying to convince someone on the other side of the camera that you can manage and handle your work environment at home. So check out your work area at least a day before the interview and make it look attractive, friendly, and free of distractions.

Know the company’s goals

Why is it important to understand the company that you are considering working for? Quite simply, it shows that you know what the company wants and that you are a great candidate to fit the requirements. Without a knowledge of the company’s goals or at least a basic understanding of its primary philosophy, it’s a waste of your time and theirs.
To resolve this, spend some time on their website. What is their primary service or product line? Try to get in the mind of the company CEO and consider what you can add to what they are already doing.  Knowing how to succeed your interview provides a great deal to get that job you want.
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Dress appropriately

One misnomer that many remote interviewees make is that there are entirely different standards between real-world interviews and online interviews. This is not the case. The standard of what to wear to a job interview rules are still the same. Just as you would in a face-to-face situation, you need to know what to wear for an online job interview. For most roles, you still need to look professional when working from your home office. Here are some remote interview attire tips:

  • Don’t overdress. Sitting at home in a suit and tie is understandably not the norm right now. Consider a more work casual look.
  • Don’t dress oddly. Your clothes, jewelry and other embellishments should exude professionalism. The interviewer should get a sense that despite being stuck at home, you know how to be office appropriate.
  • Avoid looking or acting too casual. Even though you’re home, where on the job you’ll be wearing a t-shirt most of the time, you still want to present yourself appropriately. Make a good first impression and show that you take your work seriously.

Once you have an idea of what you will say and your workspace is free of distractions, and you are comfortable with the technology you’ll be sure to land that next great gig. These tips should make a big difference and increase your chances of finding your dream remote job!

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