By | September 26, 2019

Human Resource Professional Day
Today is your day! Pat yourself on the back and appreciate the hard work, staff negotiating, corporate liaison and legislation interpreting you do all year.
Our site,, the largest web destination in North America for HR experts, advice, resources, products and services, would like to honor those who hire, train and pay you.
Take the time today to think of all those reasons why it´s great to be in HR:
1. Everybody is nice to you because you pay them.
2. You´re the Corporate Cop – you can tell people what to do. If you don´t like a manager, tell him that he may be violating COBRA and make him read the legislation.
3. You know how much your boss makes and you”ve seen his/her performance review. If you´re really good with the HRIS, you can even change his or her rating.
4. You´re the company party planner – you get to pick YOUR favorite place, food and music for the staff Christmas Party.
5. Through EAP program you get to know who´s going nuts!
5. People think you did an outstanding job at the executive training course and you´re a real expert but the reality is that with your workload you only had time to read the material that morning over breakfast. Bravo, yo´re really good at bluffing!
7. With the new employee-monitoring program, you find out that the keener who comes in early, leaves late and skips lunch and generally makes everyone else look lazy is actually surfing the net for Pamela Lee downloads.
8. You can pick the benefit package and corporate perks that appeal to you. Massage therapy and bonus shopping sprees get top priority.
9. Time for Revenge – Remember that gorgeous, all-star that turned you down in high school? Now it´s your turn to reject him after his interview for the new VP position.
10. You can send people you don´t like on “leadership training” – a jungle boot camp run by deranged ex-marines.
You´re the cornerstone of the company, the one who smoothes over tough times and the person who looks after everyone else´s interests. Thanks for taking care of your employees. Keep up the good work!