By | July 9, 2016

Yes… this is fact…We want Rain… But dont want to plant or nurture the Threes!!
Whenever we think about rain… it’s always a mesmerizing moment…
But whenever we think about planting a tree… we have lot of tricky excuses not to nurture any plant or tree..
1. Dont have time to nurture it
2. Dont have space to plant a tree
3. I can’t maintain it
4. Cost associated with it
5. And many more…
We have never realized the value of oxygen we are consuming daily as it’s free!! But imagine if you need to pay the monthly bill for the same or you can get credits adjustment in your bill for the trees you have planted in your premise, than you must think for planting as much as you can!!!
So let’s start nurturing as many trees possible before the above mentioned imaginary situation becomes reality!
Go Green….