By | January 3, 2020

If you are looking for a job change, then we can surely help you through our linkedin profile reach. Here are some basic points to take into consideration for helping you:
– We help jobless people first.
– People who are finding a better opportunity, looking for a job change will given 2nd priority.
– If you are an HR, and want to know if I have any reference, I request you to keep checking my upcoming post.
– Or you can take our professional help.
– We dont help for freelance work.
– If you are trying to help your friend, then ask him to fill in this form.
– We need at least two to three weeks to share your profile with my LinkedIn network.
– When We share your profile, I will tag you in the post.
– This will help recruiters to directly contact you for a job.
– If you don’t want me to tag in the post, please don’t fill the form as lot of recruiters do complain for not tagging the candidate.
– When I share your profile, I will message you a link.

– Fill this form:

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