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What Hiring Managers Expect on Resumes Now

By | 12th January, 2018

Is your resume holding you back? Resumes, like everything else, follow design trends. If you’re dusting off your resume for the first time in years, or if you used an aging Word template to create a new one, it might be making you look stodgy and dated. Here’s how to catch an employer’s eye

Merry Christmas… Wishing you Happy New Year….

By | 25th December, 2017


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Career lessons from Fortune’s 5 most powerful women in business…

By | 30th October, 2017

Fortune released its list of the Most Powerful Women in 2017, the 20th anniversary of ranking the most powerful female leaders across industries.
The list comes amid rumblings of a rising backlash against the growth of women in some industries — including tech — and amid continued low representation of women in the executive