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Get settle in Chile (South America)

By | 19th June, 2017

Contact us if you are looking for opportunity to get settle in American continent without IELTS, TOEFL or Medical test. We have some excellent offer for you for Chile wherein you will get PR without IELTS, TOFEL or Medical just in 45 days. Once you have PR of these country you can get visa

Why Do You Still Need Recruitment Agencies in the Age of Online Hiring?

By | 30th March, 2017

Upon reading the title of this article, you might think something like this: Why bother using recruitment agencies when you can do it all by yourself? Why bother wasting your budget when you can post jobs online and attracts the best talents using social media channels? Well, this piece will bring you different insights on

20 things to never do in an interview.

By | 22nd July, 2015

No matter how impressive a cover letter or CV you carry to an interview, there could be certain last minute changes (decisions) that could change the game for you. The job could be yours, given the precautions you undertake while talking out the nuances of your hiring. We give you a list of the